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About—I'm from Toronto, love ramen and ukuleles, and play super smash bros.

I’m a recent grad from the University of Waterloo and am currently working on the Messenger team at Facebook. Before that, I designed and wrote code at Quora and Shopify.

I got into design because it’s both technical and creative, and essential to solve abstract problems. As a designer with an engineering background, I’ve designed products like Quora’s onboarding flow and Shopify’s flash sale app, and wrote the production code to launch them.

Outside of work, I love playing the guitar/ukulele and am currently learning digital illustration. I also love exploring cities and checking out the local food scenes 😋.

Jeremy with a giant pusheen Jeremy with a bowl of ramen


Quora—Product Design Intern

Summer 2019

Designed the explore page for Quora mobile app and web

Shopify—Product Design Intern

Fall 2018

Designed the product page of Shopify’s flash sale app (Frenzy)

Shopify—UX Engineer Intern

Winter 2018

Led the development of from start to finish

Connected—Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2017

Built a voice UI prototyping application



Aug 2017—Dec 2019

Growing the design community at UWaterloo by organizing events with industry professionals and leading workshops


University of Waterloo—Systems Design Engineering

Class of 2020

Bachelor of Applied Science

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